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Tuesday, 3 May 2011


New work! "Trippin', based on an older piece i did a few years back - this time with a fresh lick of paint and some nice 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas' references thrown in for good measure. More new bits to come in the next few weeks - including a HUGE commission which is nearly finished at last!

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Teapots Poster

I've been working on a really large/detailed painting for a couple of weeks, hence the lack of posts. But managed to put this poster together in the last week. My previous teapots had been going down very well so I thought I'd play around with a few more.
Teapots Poster: Pen, Ink and Digital

Friday, 5 March 2010

'Speak Up' Poster

Heres a poster design I've been working on this week called 'Speak Up', featuring some of my recent characters uttering a few words of wisdom and nonsense.

In other news, my profile page is now up on the London Miles gallery website under the 'Artist Profiles' section. It's short and sweet, but a privilege to be featured along side artists like the 'Buff Monster', someone whose work I've loved for years. You can check it out here. They've used my real name David, but ignore that!
I am also in the process of organising a new exhibition. No concrete details yet, but it's looking like a two artist collaboration and should be quite a decent sized show. Probably around the end of April. More details on that soon.

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Done and Done!

Apologies about the lack of posts - been busy finishing these beauties and generally promoting my services.

Gorgeous business cards in two designs: 'Stud' and 'Gay Pirate' 
and my lovely lovely posters the A1 '99faces' and the HUGE A0 'MeshMashUp' 

There are 5 of each poster available to buy, but I'm not quite sure how much I'm gonna charge or what avenue I'll sell them through yet so bare with me on this.Oh and both my cards and posters were printed by and very prompt and reasonable they were too - and of course, excellent quality.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

MESH137 A.ZERO POSTER!!!!!!!!!! (Militant!)

Apologies for the lack of posts in September, but finally after more than 500 hours
work time, my new poster is finished!!! It's another Mesh Mash Up - featuring bits and pieces, both new brand spanking new and some recycled older stuff. We got pirates, hotties, retro pinups, diamonds, stars, hearts, crosses, squares, dots, graff, homemade fonts, patterns, roses, boxers, 8-bit sprites, sign language, soldiers, native americans, guitars, stripes, hexagons, tapes, skulls, lightning, cakes, chicks with guns, teapots and whole bunch of other 'ish.

Why all this? Because I think it'd look purdy! I know it's not the most common thing to hear, but I really don't go for too much of that 'depth and meaning' type ish with my work. Call me a philistine, but I just like to make pretty pictures at the end of the day. Pictures that people will hopefully simply enjoy looking at. Thats all I want - for folks to enjoy looking at my pictures!

I had to lower the resolution of the main image because it was too large to upload to blogger otherwise, so check the detail images for more clarity. Now this is done, I should be back posting on here much more regularly. I'm looking into getting some really high quality, full size prints of this done. When I know more i'll post details if anyone would like to buy a print.


Thursday, 30 July 2009

How many faces? 99 faces!

99 Faces

Another poster, this time featuring 99, yes that's right - 99! faces. Another time consuming piece to say the least! Hand drawn then scanned and worked on in Photoshop. It was a real struggle making every face unique but I'm real happy with the results. A1 posters must be made and sold soon! I'd like to print this on to fabric at some stage too. T shirt anyone?

Which face is your favourite? 

MeshMashUp Poster

MeshMashUp A1 Poster
Produced on Photoshop. Dots, hearts, starts, stripes, cubes, squares, teapots, faces, hands, beauties etc. Random but oh soo pretty! This one kept me busy for a while!!!

Hope to produce prints of this to sell soon.